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Greig PotteryI have built my business based on the personal touch, which includes not only making each piece from start to finish, but also meeting and talking with my customers. This website depicts many of the best-selling items that I make on the potter's wheel and these pieces are available in all our patterns. Because each pot is individually crafted no two items can be identical.

maskVisit our shop and studio on Front Street where we are open year round. The pottery studio next to the shop is where the pots are made allowing us to easily restock the shop on a daily basis with pots still warm from the kiln. In the shop we offer a wide range of items such as buttons, personalized funeral urns and bathroom sinks with coordinating tiles. Weekend specials are common in the summer and fall making it worthwhile to have lunch at one of our restaurants, shop for something special and enjoy the history, beauty and tranquility of the St. John River.

I invite special orders and I am open to trying new pieces suggested by customers.

Pot CrocksArtist Statement

Patterns in nature are everywhere providing me with inspiration to explore texture and shape. The St. John River is both the catalyst and backdrop for a lifetime of making pots.

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